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Extra advice and support to help you through the effects of COVID-19

We're very proud to be in long standing relationships with an amazing family of Business Partners who understand the challenges of retailing and are here for you with additional information and advice.

Learn more about the different ways our Business Partners are offering support to you, through the COVID-19 crisis.


Have you been financially affected by COVID-19 and need help? Westpac have a range of support options for personal and business customers and they want to talk to you about how they can help.


Are you a local Kiwi business? Learn more about Visa's Ad Booster Program and e-commerce starter pack. They provide the online tools and 'know how' to get you trading and meeting new customers online.


Getting Back to Small Business support program. Between now and early 2021, we are offering New Zealand small businesses access to approximately $5,400 worth of tools and services each, alongside a raft of educational resources to help them go digital and meet the challenges of the current trading environment.


Z know how important it is to support other kiwi businesses. They are currently working on ways to help their business customers. If your business is experiencing hardship, find out more here.


Meridian are ready and able to offer personalised support to help customers affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. If you're worried about paying your bill or seeking specialised care, please get in touch.

Eftpos NZ

Eftpos NZ Customer service team and technical support helpdesk will be available throughout the lockdown period, should you need help with your account or technical support with your device.


OneMusic are pausing licensing activity for businesses and organisations affected by COVID-19. If your business or organisation is affected please reach out. We're here to help you.

New Zealand Couriers

New Zealand Couriers has set up a dedicated support team for retailers looking to set up deliveries, specifically to help kiwi businesses responding to the unique challenges of COVID-19.


OfficeMax have a variety of hand sanitisers and other PPE as well as packaging to help those members who are operating with an online offer under Level 3.

Harper Digital

If you want to get online but you're unsure where to start or which eCommerce platform to use, please reach out to Harper Digital who are doing a free 1 hour website and eCommerce consultation.

Customer Radar Check-in

We're in the middle of a global pandemic - the safety of your customers and your people is paramount. Being able to safely track who has been in and out of your store (contact tracing) is not only helpful in tracking the spread of COVID-19 - it also gives you and your customers peace of mind.

If you need specific products or services relating to COVID-19, please check our COVID-19 Suppliers' Directory.

For information about COVID-19 and your business, take a look at our website.

Updated on 8th September 2020.