Retail Tech Summit 2018


Leveraging emerging technology, data & AI for next level customer driven retailing

Australian retailers are facing a rapid evolution of technology and Artificial Intelligence. Amazon has entered the Australian market which has created huge competition for retailers. CX and customer expectations are forcing retailers to reassess the service they provide, not just in terms of convenience and pace, but engagement and enjoy-ability.

This event will focus on how technology is not only disrupting the market through the rise of online shopping and how to survive by harnessing new tech, but also utilising the mass amount of data available to improve both CX and operational efficiency. But the big focus is on AI applications, understanding the potential, selecting the right one, seamlessly integrating AI into your operations (chatbots, natural language processing e.g. Siri, Alexa, IBM Watson).

The event will focus on this strategy aspect, but also physical AI applications, especially for last mile delivery (robots, driverless trucks, drones, etc).

Attend this practical summit to:

  • Create a cutting edge innovation roadmap and benchmark against the global best
  • Understand the potential of different tech/AI applications and select the best fit for maximum ROI
  • Integrate world class and emerging AI technology into your operations
  • Hear from leading Australian and global retailers on how they are pushing CX forward
  • Learn how to improve speed & convenience of purchase and delivery for customers
  • Best utilise data to gain a 360 degree view of each customer and personalise their shopping experience

The Retail Tech Summit is part of the Retail Experiential Show, bringing together 2 pioneering, first of their kind, co-located retail conferences: Retail Tech Summit + Store Transformation Summit!

Please quote VIP code WFXNZRA for Retail NZ members' 10% discount.

For more information or to register on, please contact Akolade on:

Phone: 02 9247 6000