Sustainable Retailing: Wellington

Retail business owner in New Zealand, who wants to learn how to operate with Sustainable and Ethical practices, at a Retail NZ workshop in Wellington

Wellington 9:00am - 12:30pm, refreshments provided

Planet, people, profit - there has been a change of heart! Gen Z are set to become the largest consumer group world-wide very soon, and they're voting with their wallets to affect environmental and social change. Much more careful consideration is being given what and how people consume goods, and it's a move that is gaining momentum.

At Retail NZ, we understand that retailers need to turn a profit to be sustainable as a business. In our workshop Sustainable Retailing, we'll show you how to leverage sustainability practices to grow your customer base and increase profits.

This "new", compassionate consumer also communicates differently too, and is very effective in swaying others to their way of thinking. Can your business keep up and thrive in this new environment?

We'll be sharing practical, inexpensive, easy to implement sustainability tips. We'll also show you how you can strongly communicate your sustainability story to drive sales.

Join me - Natalie Frauenstein (Retail Operations Specialist), as we walk through the four main areas of sustainable retailing to develop a sustainability plan for your business.


$150 (+gst) for Retail NZ members.

$300 (+gst) for non members. Not a member yet? Click here to find out what you're missing!
Or call us on 0800 472 472. If you're in Australia, you can free phone 1800 128 086.