Virtual Conference: Seamless Contactless

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Contactless payments are booming.

A recent survey touted 40% growth in contactless transactions globally in the first quarter of 2020, with the majority of contactless transactions under $25, typically the cash transaction range. Asia is the fastest-growing contactless transaction market in the world and is expected to grow at more than 16% annually between now and 2025 as its economies continue their rapid digital transformation. Join us at Seamless Contactless as we change the game in how Asian businesses take in-person payments.

Seamless Contactless is a brand new one-day event brought to you by Asia’s leading event series on the future of commerce. From security to regulation, wearables to mobile wallets, cards to POS innovation, Seamless Contactless is your one-stop shop to contactless success.

In just one day, Seamless Contactless will bring you insights from than 30 contactless payments leaders across a series of live presentations, live panel debates and live digital roundtables. Join in live from wherever you are, or watch the sessions on-demand.

Get ready to go contactless. Get ready to go Seamless.

Join us at 2pm on Tuesday 20th October for this all day event!