Public Holiday Entitlements

Monday 2 October 2017

In 2017, Labour Day falls on Monday 23 October, and there are regional public holidays in Hawke's Bay (Friday 20 October), Marlborough and Nelson (Monday 30 October), Canterbury (Friday 17 November) and Westland (Monday 4 December).

If an affected employee would normally work on these days and they actually work then you must pay them a minimum of time and a half for the time they actually work. If it is an "otherwise working day" for the employee, you also need to give them another day off on full pay.

If an employee doesn't work on the public holidays, but it would be "otherwise a working day" then you need to pay the employee for the public holiday as if he or she had worked as normal. You will need to pay them the higher of their relevant daily pay or average daily pay.

For an employee for whom the public holidays are not an otherwise working day and who does not work, is not entitled to any payment for the day.

For more information about public holidays at Christmas, see our Christmas guide.