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What are the ANZAC Day 2021 public holiday entitlements for employees?

ANZAC Day always falls on April 25th. In 2021, that day is a Sunday. As always, most shops can open only from 1pm on ANZAC Day. Additionally, employees are entitled to a public holiday. This is either on Sunday 25th April or Monday 26th April, depending on which day they normally work. See two key scenarios for ANZAC Day weekend trading and paying your staff here.

  1. Employees who normally work on a Sunday:
    should receive their public holiday entitlement on the Sunday.

    For example: Your employee normally works 9am – 5pm Sunday, and works 1pm – 5pm on ANZAC Day (due to trading restrictions). In this case, they are paid time and a half for the 4 hours worked. Plus, they receive an alternative day off.

    If the employee has the whole day off, they are paid their normal hours (9 – 5pm) as an unworked public holiday.

    If Monday is also an ordinary working day, they do not receive any further Public Holiday entitlement for hours worked on the Monday.

  2. Employees who do not normally work Sunday but do work the Monday:
    should receive their ‘Mondayisation’ public holiday entitlement for the Monday.

Employees are not entitled to two public holiday payments.

Public holiday entitlement

Employees get a paid day off on public holidays if it’s an otherwise working day for them. If the employee works on the public holiday, then they’re paid time and a half for the hours worked and should also get an alternative day off.

Some retailers may be considering closing their businesses on the Monday as well. If that is the case, those employees who work on the Sunday and receive their full entitlement, and then normally work a Monday will be having to take a day off on no pay or using their annual leave.

Note that the trading hours restriction for ANZAC Day applies only on Sunday 25 April, and is unrelated to the Public Holiday entitlement.

For more information, please email [email protected], or call 0800 472 472 (1800 128 086 from Australia).

Updated 20 April 2021.

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