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New rules for retailers that sell vaping products.

After public consultation, which Retail NZ submitted on, new rules for all retailers that sell vaping products will come into force from 11 November 2020. You may already voluntarily have some of these restrictions in place but, if not, it is important that you comply as you could face prosecution if you fail to do so.

The new rules include:

  • No sales or supply of vaping products to under 18s.
  • The importation for sale, and the sale of nicotine products for oral use is prohibited.
  • Vaping is prohibited in internal areas of workplaces and in schools and early childhood centres (including the grounds).
  • Most advertising and sponsorship of vaping products is prohibited.
  • Manufacturers and importers must advise the Vaping Regulatory Authority, via the New Zealand Pharmacovigilance Centre, of any adverse reactions to their vaping products.
  • Retailers cannot encourage the use of a tobacco product, herbal smoking product or vaping product (with exceptions for Specialist Vape Retailers).
  • Retailers that receive at least 50 percent of sales income from vaping products can elect to become transitional Specialist Vape Retailers (SVRs) which means that they are exempt from some of the restrictions on general retailers. If you are unsure whether to become a transitional specialist vape retailer you will be considered a SVR automatically for two weeks (until 24 November) while you make your decision.

More detailed information about the new rules for distributors and retailers can be found on the Ministry of Health website.

If you need help understanding the new rules, please contact our Advice Service on 0800 472 472 (1800 128 086 from Australia) or email [email protected].

Included in the 28th October 2020 edition of Talking Shop.

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