Retail Social Club

A Networking event for retailers

Retail NZ brings to you: Retail Social Club, a great networking and training opportunity where we update you on what’s happening in the retail market, talk to the Retail NZ team and give you an opportunity to mingle with other local retailers.

The Retail Social Club events are being held in six locations across New Zealand. Please register your interest below if you wish to attend this programme and take advantage of the offer. 

Additionally, at each location we are offering a FREE training session on managing key retail crime issues, including Robbery Prevention, Conflict Management and Managing Personal Safety. 

This training will provide you and your team with the key skills to keep you and those around you safe. You will leave this session with additional knowledge and skills to reduce the risk of robbery at your premises, maximise the safety of yourself and others during an armed robbery, and also gain the confidence to manage personal safety and conflict situations.

This session is valued at $150 but we are able to make this available to you completely free of charge.

We really hope to see you there! Register for you and your team today.

Please share the Retail Social Club events with your friends or colleagues who might be interested to join us. For more details, please check our events page.

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