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Is your store ready for a digital transformation?

Sharp New Zealand’s award-winning products and services help bring digital transformation to all Kiwi businesses. We understand that for the retail environment, the customer experience is your livelihood, so we’ve curated a range of products that help stores communicate, market and stay connected.

Stop crowds in their tracks with our stunning range of digital displays, keep connection consistent between your branches or stores with our Voice and Data solution, or take advantage of software that’ll end manual processing and keep your team happy.

Chat with a Sharp specialist on the best solution for your unique needs or read their blog ‘Fresh Retail Content Ideas for Digital Signage

Sharp’s digital signage solutions are built to suit any business that aims to create beautiful, eye catching visual displays; Discover how local businesses are captivating customers with Sharp technology: Video Case Study – Sharping the future of fitness with Sharp’s Digital Displays.

Sharp also provides hundreds of businesses around New Zealand with intuitive automation software to streamline processes and improve efficiency; Find out how Daiken New Zealand’s partnership with Sharp utlilises smart software to restore order to enterprise content management. Read the case study.

Communication is number #1 for business owners and their customers and staff. Sharp is the largest vendor partner of the world’s most recognised VoIP phone system and can provide you with a free audit on your phone bill, to see where you could save the most money. Get connected today, or take a look at Sharp’s business phone service webpage.

Special offer for Retail NZ members

Members can enjoy a discount on all Sharp Commercial 4K Display Panels, Video walls, Interactive screens, signage software and accessories. 

The PNHW Commercial Display is a slimline display that can be installed portrait or landscape in a variety of locations to suit all your digital signage needs and includes Media player. 

If you are ready to take the next step to digital transformation or would like to take advantage of your special pricing or leasing, please contact Henry Fidow on email at [email protected]

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