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Tap into the vast and growing UnionPay market

UnionPay is the only Card scheme brand in China, and also one of the world’s major card scheme brands. In New Zealand, 230,000 people pay with UnionPay cards, which is undoubtedly big business potential.

Now that the Chinese market is very active in New Zealand, it’s time to be prepared. Make the most out of this opportunity, give your customers the option to pay using UnionPay.

UnionPay now offers contactless and QR code payment services. This means it’s now even easier to pay with mobile and wearable devices.

  1. For the year ending March 2020, Chinese visitor expenditure reached $1.54b in New Zealand, with average spend of $5,060 per visitor.
  2. Over 8 billion UnionPay Cards are issued worldwide, with 179 countries and regions now accepting UnionPay Cards.
  3. Nearly 80,000 businesses in New Zealand already accept UnionPay Cards.

Call your bank today, and ask about accepting payments from UnionPay Cards in your business.

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