Video Recording: Retail:Tech 2023 (Session 1)


Revolutionising retail

It’s what we’re here to do, so lets set the scene. Hear from experts about what is happening now with retail globally and what to expect in the not-so-distant future. We want you to see trends that are being seen now and where they are leading us in the future. 

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Meet the Session 1 speakers

International keynote speaker: The Retail:Tech revolution
Retail:Tech 2023 Speaker: David Gosman David Gosman
Global Industry Strategist
Guest speaker: NZ payment landscape
Dan Symons
Senior Manager, Consulting and Insights, Global Transaction Solutions
(New Zealand)
Retailer Ex: Augmented reality & personalised shopping experiences
Join Plattar and Spa World as they take you through the 3D & Web AR journey to bring your online retail space to life!
Retail:Tech 2023 Speaker: David Gosman Rupert Deans
Chief Executive & Founder

(New Zealand)
Retail:Tech 2023 Speaker: David Gosman Kenneth (J) Norness
Director of Global Marketing 

Vortex Leisure and Spa World
(New Zealand)


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