How will technology impact the future of retail?

The retail industry has experienced significant change over the years, and it’s important that retailers big and small keep pace with these tech trends.

AI is becoming more commonplace and a must have for retailers because of it’s ability to automate repetitive tasks to improving an eCommerce store’s usability and customer experience (CX).

From embracing automated processes to experimenting with hybrid customer journeys, our blog covers what you need to know about how technology will shape your future.

Get to know the Retail:Tech speakers

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Keynote speaker: Katherine Boicuic

Katherine Boicuic is recognised as one of Australia’s 29 Inspirational Women making waves in STEM and is one of the Most Inspirational Women of Web 3 & The Metaverse in 2022.

In the lead up to Retail:Tech 2023, we were delighted to chat with Katherine about her passions – Web3, AR technology and so much more!

“We’re starting to see projects and capabilities that we’ve never thought possible, now being done within hours, not weeks or months.”

If you want to see Katherine in person and share her passion, grab your tickets to Retail:Tech 2023.

Guest speaker: Greg Mikkelsen

Greg Mikkelsen is the Owner and Managing Director of Securecom, bringing over 25 years of experience as a leader of innovation with technology solutions for businesses.

After Greg and his business partners bought Securecom seven years ago, they have transformed the business into a leading provider of innovative and cost effective IT solutions for business with distributed networks.

In the lead up to Retail:Tech 2023, we spoke with Greg about some of the key benefits of cloud-based networks, as well as Securecom’s success in helping New Zealand businesses with their security.

“Flexibility and visibility will have to be right up there… Security is an important part of [cloud-based networks], but once you get through that, flexibility and visibility are very strong.”

If you want to learn more from Greg in person, then secure your tickets to Retail:Tech 2023!

Guest speaker: Rupert Deans

Rupert Deans is an immersive reality pioneer, who recognised the great potential of 3D and augmented reality (AR).

As part of this recognition, Rupert established PLATTAR – the 3D & AR Commerce Platform and is working with some of the biggest names in retail.

In the lead up to Retail:Tech 2023, we chatted with Rupert about all things to do with 3D and AR tech, PLATTAR – the 3D & AR Commerce Platform and so much more!

“When [Plattar] first started out it was very early days, it was cumbersome… and the cost of 3D modelling was really complex… Now, it’s unlimited!”

If you want to discover the secrets of AR and 3D retail technology, then get your tickets to Retail:Tech today!

PLUS: Every attendee* at Retail:Tech 2023 will go
in the draw to win a $20,000 prize package from Plattar.

*See the prize draw T’s and C’s.

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