The Use of Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Customer Experience

It’s easy to see why artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more commonplace among retailers. From the ability to automate repetitive tasks to improving an eCommerce store’s usability, AI is becoming an essential part of any successful business.

Another great reason why AI is a must-have for retailers is that it can exponentially improve customer experience (CX). According to PWC, one in three customers say that they will walk away from a beloved brand after one bad experience.

So in today’s blog, we’re covering how AI will enhance CX, in turn boosting customer retention and satisfaction.

Personalisation across all channels

Personalisation is at the heart of all positive customer experiences, and AI presents an excellent opportunity for retailers to effectively streamline how they create a personalised experience.

The best part is that personalisation through the use of AI technologies can look different for each business. As an example, a fashion retailer can use AI to provide a customer with product recommendations based on what’s in their cart – allowing the customer to have a complete outfit at their fingertips.

Another great example of personalisation, is when a customer goes to check out and AI auto-inputs their data. This allows the customer to not feel frustrated having to repeat their information time and again.

You can also effectively use AI as an ideation tool for your marketing. By using AI to help identify key trends that align with your business’ target audience, you can develop meaningful and targeted content based on the data-derived content ideas across all of your different channels.

Resolving customer problems faster

When a customer has an issue with a retailer or they submit a query, speed is of the essence. This is where having AI technology comes in.

Having an AI chatbot integrated into your online store or social media platforms allows for instant customer connection, all while you can focus your attention elsewhere. One of the great advantages of using chatbot technologies is that the conversation between the AI and your customer can be held anywhere, and allows for transition from social media to your store’s website. 

Though with all of that said, you shouldn’t entirely forgo human interactions in favour of AI.

Chatbots should be considered an extension of your customer service team, where they do the heavy lifting for your staff and your team fills in the gaps when required.

As an example, an AI chatbot can help solve common minor problems a customer may have, which means your staff can focus their energy and attention elsewhere. But should the problem be outside the AI’s control – after having tried myriad solutions – then an actual staff member can step in and solve the problem for the customer.

Comprehensive customer insights and data

One of the great things about integrating AI technology into your store is that it can help analyse customer insights and provide invaluable data. This information can help retailers identify their key audiences, which in turn can help them create accurate personas for their product development and marketing efforts. 

For example, if a certain demographic of consumers spend more time on a particular product page on your website, then upon learning this information you can create more of that product to target that specific audience. Or you use this insight to create offers pertaining to that particular product type, which can help increase customer engagement with your online store.

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