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Access Westpac banking benefits.

Westpac has a long partnership with Retail NZ to support the financial wellbeing of New Zealand’s retail industry and provides our members with a range of benefits including:

  • fast, convenient service via a dedicated Association Member Desk for your personal banking requirements – find out more here
  • preferential Merchant Service Fees* 
  • competitive rates for standard home lending
  • access to Westpac’s Managing your Money programme to grow your financial wellbeing – learn more here

Together with Retail NZ, Westpac can help save you time and money by improving your financial wellbeing.

Find out more about Westpac and their special benefits for Retail NZ members:

For more information on how Westpac’s Industry Specialist can help you, visit here.

Merchant Service Fees for processing card transactions

Westpac offers negotiated pricing for processing card transactions, to Retail NZ members called Interchange Plus. 

Interchange Plus means that you’ll be charged two rates for each transaction:

  • A variable rate for the interchange fee that is set by the card schemes; and
  • A separate combined fixed rate for all other scheme, switch and acquirer (Westpac) fees – this is the rate negotiated for Retail NZ members.

New customers require a Westpac settlement account to receive the negotiated Merchant Service Fee, due to Anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. 

More information on interchange fees can be found here.

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