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We’re proud to be the voice of retailers and to go in to bat on issues that matter to the sector.

Whether it’s Government ministers, oppositions spokespeople or senior officials from Government agencies we make sure the voice of retail is heard at the highest levels. You may have seen us in the media, our strong presence ensures the public are aware of the issues faced by NZ retailers like you.

Retail Payments Bill

Updated 12 May 2022. Ahead of the 2020 General Election, the Government committed to regulating merchant service fees. The Government has since introduced the Retail Payment System Bill which currently sits before...

“Fair Pay”

The Government is introducing a new law requiring “Fair Pay” Agreements (FPAs), which comes into effect later this year.

Women in store with man in New Zealand, behaving in accordance to the Declaration on Violence & Anti-social Behaviour.

Declaration on Violence & Anti-social Behaviour

The Retail NZ Declaration on anti-social behaviour and aggression. As retailers within New Zealand, we are committed to providing great customer service and treating our customers with respect, but also to keep our...

Ports of Auckland and NZ Supply Chain

What’s happening at Ports of Auckland, for NZ’s retail supply chain?  Kiwi retail business owners are currently enduring supply chain delays, and COVID-19 is the culprit.  There is significant congestion...

Employment law

Government has proposed changes to employment law in NZ. The Government has proposed several changes to employment legislation, including an increase in sick leave entitlements; a new Public Holiday; and a move to 1970s...


Why are we advocating for fair payment fees in New Zealand? Retailers pay merchant service fees to their banks whenever they accept a credit or contactless debit card, and these fees in New Zealand are much higher than...


New Zealand had long been disadvantaged by a tax loophole that means foreign firms didn't pay GST to the Government when selling online to New Zealanders.


Our #ShopLocal social media campaign is about encouraging New Zealanders to shop locally and make a difference in your communities.

Food and drink issues

Key issues for food and drink retailers. Food and drink sales make up 46 per cent of all core retail sales in New Zealand, and we work across the retail sector on issues around health, safety, quality, and transparency...

Country of Origin Labelling

Country of Origin Labelling on single ingredient products. Many consumers want to know the Country of Origin of fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and other foods when they are deciding to purchase a product. Some...


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