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Why are we advocating for fair payment fees in New Zealand?

Retailers pay merchant service fees to their banks whenever they accept a credit or contactless debit card, and these fees in New Zealand are much higher than in markets like Australia and the UK. Most developed economies regulate fees, but there is no regulation at present here in Aotearoa.

We’re asking for greater regulation and transparency over the merchant service fees in New Zealand – and we are making progress.

We have seen card companies reduce some of the interchange fees paid between the banks, and the Government has now committed to regulation.

For information on the Retail Payments Bill currently before Parliament click here.

Our New Zealand payments research shows that Kiwi merchants pay a lot more than merchants in Australia and the UK. Fees in New Zealand are static or increasing, while they are going down overseas. Check out our survey reports here:

  1. 2019 Payments Survey
  2. 2018 Payments Survey
  3. 2016 Payments Survey
  4. Download our policy paper Towards Fairer Payments Fees’ including the results of our 2015 Payments Survey.


In October 2016, the Government responded to Retail NZ’s advocacy, by releasing a discussion paper on retail payment systems. Retail NZ made a submission and commissioned a background paper on the issues by BERL.

In August 2017, the then-Minister of Commerce signalled that she expected to see “improvements to the transparency and usefulness of information provided to merchants by both banks and schemes, to enable them to assess their options for negotiating better merchant service fees”. In response, Retail NZ asked the payments industry to disclose more information.

Ahead of the 2020 General Election, the Government committed to regulate merchant service fees.

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