Category - Video Series

How-To Retail: Episode 14 – Visa Security Roadmap

In our latest episode of How-To Retail, we have Joe Cunningham, Regional Risk Officer, Asia Pacific, from Visa, talk about Visa's newly launched security roadmap and what it means for New Zealand customers.

How-To Retail: Episode 13 – Visa Loyalty Programme

Visa commissioned research to examine existing loyalty programmes in New Zealand, which highlighted a need for retailers to pivot to forge strong and enduring connections with shoppers in today’s digital world.

How-To Retail: Recovery Edition

In this video series we are sharing information and inspiration from Auckland retailers. They discuss how challenging the last few months have been, how their businesses have survived and how they are getting through.

How-To Retail: Episode 10 – Animates

4 November 2021. Animates' staff have a sense of unity, passion, humility and commitment. So, it's no surprise that CEO Rod Gibson and the crew experience excellent customer loyalty with "pet parents".


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