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How-To Retail: Episode 12 – Time Out Bookstore

2 December 2021

Episode 12:
Time Out Bookstore

Turning vibrant ideas into reality

Time Out Bookstore is an award winning, independent bookstore in Mt Eden. In How-To Retail 2021’s finale, leader Jenna Todd discusses how they became a local institution with 80% of Time Out Bookstore customers visiting them on a daily basis.


Jenna discusses Time Out Bookstore’s success:

  • Inspiring nostalgia with an older world space.
  • Leading a committed team of intuitive young people.
  • Managing ecommerce during COVID-19.
  • Running engaging brand growth activities.
  • Connecting with their whanaungatanga and community.

We generally have younger staff, but we’re all growing older together. Our owner Wendy, her idea is to hire people that are cleverer than she is. So I’ve taken that on as well. Our team is full of vibrant ideas, and I just want them to know that they can do it! We’ll make it happen. We have staff that are enthusiastic and passionate and intuitive, and just great people to be around!”

Jenna Todd, Time Out Bookstore

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