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Writing terms and conditions

Considerations for writing terms and conditions as a retailer. Read our advice on what you should include and what to keep in mind.

Hiring Migrant Employees 

Are you hiring employees who have visa conditions? Employment of migrant workers is high in the retail sector. It is your responsibility to ensure your employees have the legal right to work in New Zealand and keep up...

Employee benefits

Offering enticing working arrangements and benefits is a great way to attract and retain staff, especially in a tight labour market.

Grocery Unit Pricing Regulations

There are regulations on how grocery unit pricing should be displayed. These requirements are explained in the Commerce Commission's Unit Pricing Regulations guide.

Abandonment of Employment 

What happens when an employee does not turn up to work for a longer period of time? Read our advice on what you need to do, including letter templates.

Employment Agreement Types

What employment agreement should your employee be on? Learn more about the different types of employee agreements and find a template that suits you.

Lone Workers

Do you have employees who work alone in your store? Find out what you're required to do and how to minimise any risk for your lone worker.

Performance and Wage Reviews  

Your guide to performance and wage reviews. Learn best practice and recommendations for how to have these conversations with your employees.

Sick Leave

Know what your employees are entitled to All employees (including part-time and casual employees) are entitled to 10 days’ sick leave per year if: they have six months’ current continuous employment with the same...


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