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Retail Advocacy – Working for you

We’re proud to be the voice of NZ retailers.

As New Zealand’s leading retailers’ association, advocacy is a core mission of Retail NZ. We passionately bat on issues that matter to retailers. By lobbying Government ministers and policymakers, we make sure your interests are heard at the Beehive. Also, you may have seen us in the media. Our strong presence in the news helps Kiwis become more aware of the retail sector’s challenges.

Retail Advocacy – What we stand for:

  • Reducing costs of doing business.
  • A fair playing field for all NZ retailers.
  • Growing opportunities for retailers, to help you deliver great shopping experiences.
  • Minimising red tape & compliance requirements that get in the way.
  • Allowing consumers to make their own informed decisions about shopping.
  • Ensuring the retail industry is recognised as a key contributor, to New Zealand’s economic prosperity.

Retail NZ is in tune with current issues faced by retail business owners. Certainly, the input and feedback we receive from our members is invaluable to our retail advocacy work. Thanks to our members, we can make the challenges retailers face salient to policy makers. So, your voice matters!

Recently, we made a submission in the Employment Law space, in response to the Government’s 10 day sick leave proposal.

Here’s what retail business issues we’re working on right now:

Want to know more?

If you have enquiries about these or any other issues affecting your retail business email [email protected].

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