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How-To Retail: Episode 13 – Visa Loyalty Programme

21 September 2022

Episode 13:

Earn the loyalty of your modern-day digital customer 

Visa commissioned research to examine existing loyalty programmes in New Zealand, which highlighted a need for retailers to pivot to forge strong and enduring connections with shoppers in today’s digital world.

Customers today are demanding more from their digital experiences and loyalty schemes. Visa’s new loyalty report has all the insights to help Kiwi retailers leapfrog from “tried and true” methods to building world-class loyalty programmes that create instant brand affinity with your customer in 2022 and beyond.

Download the full report here: Loyalty Insights | Visa


In this 10 minutes episode, Ivana discusses about the Loyalty Insights:

  • Interviewing loyalty thought leaders and consumers
  • What consumers feel and think about a loyalty programme
  • How New Zealand retailers can use loyalty programmes to build loyal and engaged customers
  • Moving loyalty programmes to ‘Digital First’ space
  • How it would benefit retailers & consumers.
Ivana Tranchini from Visa, New Zealand

Just like businesses had to move their whole operations online over the last couple of years during covid, loyalty programmes are no different. They need to move into the ‘Digital First’ space as well.”

Ivana Tranchini, Visa

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