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How did Retail NZ’s campaign for eFairness help Kiwi retailers?

Retailers operate in a competitive global marketplace, and a key issue for New Zealand retailers was eFairness. This issue stemmed from a tax loophole, which meant that foreign websites selling to New Zealand customers didn’t pay GST to the Government. This was unfair for everybody. Retailers faced a price disadvantage in the market because of Government tax policy. At the same time, taxpayers were missing out on substantial revenue flows.

The Retail NZ team led an extensive advocacy campaign over a number of years. We did research, argued the case in the media, and had many meetings with politicians. Advocacy work takes time, but our goal was to close the unfair tax loophole, and we achieved success!

We delivered a fairer playing field for New Zealand retail businesses. Since 1 December 2019, foreign websites doing business here have been required to register for GST. This was a significant win for local retailers.

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