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Ports of Auckland and NZ Supply Chain

What’s happening at Ports of Auckland, for NZ’s retail supply chain? 

Kiwi retail business owners are currently enduring supply chain delays, and COVID-19 is the culprit. 

There is significant congestion at the Ports of Auckland arrivals, that is delaying inbound freights. Retail NZ is speaking up on this issue, and engaging directly with Ports of Auckland and with Government. There is unlikely to be a quick solution, so in the meantime we suggest that retailers get in early. Plan your product and stock importing carefully, and bring in products as far in advance as possible. There’s a long supply chain delay involving the Ports of Tauranga, and the cost of seafreight has doubled, so it’s vital to plan ahead. Be sure to get sorted well ahead of the 2021 pre-Christmas peak season

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