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How much does it cost to become a Retail NZ member?

Our membership subs are based on number of stores and turnover and start from as little at $405+gst. Click here for more details.

How do I find out about, and apply for, member benefits?

Call us on 0800 472 472 to find out what benefits you can receive.

How do I sign-up for the Z Business Plus?

To sign up to Z Business Plus, click here.

How much money can I save by being a member of Retail NZ?

If you use our key Business Partners offerings, access our advisory service, and attend an event or two then your membership can save you over $3,200. Click here for an example.

Where can I find the rules of Retail NZ?

Retail NZ is an incorporated society, and you can read its rules here.

Advisory Services

How do I contact a Business Advisor and how much does it cost?

You can call the Business Advisors on Freephone 0800 472 472 or email them at advisor@retail.kiwi. Retail NZ members are entitled to free advice on employment, consumer and other business related issues. If the advisors can't assist you personally they'll offer suggestions about the best source of advice.

Can I get a copy of an employment agreement for my business?

Yes, members can access Retail NZ's Guide to Employment Agreements and a copy of our standard employment agreement in our Resource Library. The Business Advisors can send you copies of those documents on request and can also provide a range of other documents for special situations such as casual work, parental leave cover, etc.

Can the Business Advisors review draft employment related documents that we write?

Yes they can. To access this service simply call them on Freephone 0800 472 472 or email your document to advisor@retail.kiwi. Documents can include individual employment agreements, formal employment related letters, personal grievance response documents, or other documents as required. Most of this work is done free of charge although some charges may apply for larger jobs.

Can the Business Advisors provide employment advice around me potentially restructuring or selling my business?

Yes they can. The Advisory Service has great resources for members to guide you through business change, a restructure or if you are selling your business. The Business Advisors can talk you through the process you need to follow and provide assistance with any documentation you need to put together.

Can the Business Advisors provide support when I get a personal grievance from an employee?

Yes they can. Personal grievances can be stressful and messy and there are important procedural steps you need to follow if you are advised of a grievance. Our Business Advisors can assist to get you on the right track - they have extensive experience dealing with employment issues and can help you to review your situation and provide advice on what is required and where to next.

Will Retail NZ assist me in the disciplinary meetings or if I have to go to Mediation or to the Employment Court?

Our Advisors are based in our Wellington office and only have limited availability to undertake work for members outside the office. They do have a network of experienced practitioners and lawyers who can help you though and most of those provide some concessions on their normal fees for Retail NZ members.


Can I enter Retail NZ Awards (formerly known as Top Shop Awards), even if I'm not a member of Retail NZ?

Yes, anyone can enter Retail NZ Awards (formerly known as Top Shop Awards), regardless of whether they're a Retail NZ member or not. You'll get a store assessment, updates on the process/winners/event dinners, and of course be in the running for the regional and national awards. However, our members do get the benefit of discounted entry fees, so it's worth weighing up your options.

I can't see any upcoming events for my region - when will Retail NZ be hosting an event in my area?

We try to spread our events out around the country, and try to get to the smaller regions as much as we possibly can. We're constantly updating our events calendar, with upcoming events in different regions, so do check back regularly. If you'd like to suggest an event for your area, you can do so here.


Where can I find Retail NZ on social media?

We're active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, and we regularly update our Retail NZ Blog. We'd love to connect with you and your business online.