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Wages Survey

Our annual Wages Survey is closing soon, don’t miss out on this valuable resource!    All participants receive a FREE copy of the 2022 Wages Guide which includes the most up to date and comprehensive information on...

Retail customers contributing to the Retail NZ sales index

Retail NZ Sales Index

What’s the latest retail sales statistics for 2022? Find out with the Retail NZ Sales Index. Taking a look at current trends and the state of retail is an important part of your business planning and strategising...

Retailing Now

Retailing Now: High-level overview of NZ’s retail sector. The retail sector is a significant part of the New Zealand economy. It’s also one of the only sectors that’s a part of every Kiwis’...

retail radar

Retail Radar

What’s happening in the retail sector? Find out with Retail Radar, our monthly research report. It’s useful for: Getting a snapshot of the sentiment of Kiwi retailers.Identifying future expectations of...


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