Life Membership & Hall of Fame

Retail is an amazing sector, and lots of people have built amazing careers through the sector.

Retail NZ celebrates the legends of our sector by awarding Life Membership or Retail Hall of Fame membership to those who have made a significant contribution to our organisation or our sector.

These awards recognise and acknowledge the role played in the wider business community, by providing inspiration and encouragement.

Des Flynn

Brian Lamont

John Albertson

Richard Harford

Colin Johnson

Recipients of Life Membership under the predecessor organisations of Retail NZ:

R Ballantyne

M Beder

I Capitaneas

Ray Clarke

T Cornelius

T Delaney

P Dolheguy

B Gregory

C James

D Lonsdale

J Milne

K Radford

L Redstone

P Richards

K Smith

T van Arkel

B Wallace

C.W. Ballantyne

A W Barnett

J R Court

E M Friedlander

C O Gibbs

R L Jones

S L Moses

J A Newbold

D A Smith

L W Smith

A F Thomas


Colin Johnson

Mr Colin Johnson – Johnson’s Grocery


2013 Graham Evans

Mr Graham EvansThe Warehouse Group


2012 Anne And David Norman

Mrs Anne & Mr David NormanPascoes Group CNZM

2012 John Rowden Milne

Mr John Rowden Milne


2011 Sir David Levene

Sir David Levene

2011 Timothy Charles Glasson

Mr Timothy Charles GlassonHallensteins Glassons Holdings


010 Hugh Perrett

Mr Hugh PerrettFoodstuffs

2010 Robert Hannah

Mr Robert HannahHannahs


2009 Bendix Hallenstien

Bendix Hallenstein – Drapery and General Importing Company (DIC)

2009 Robert Laidlaw

Mr Robert LaidlawFarmers Trading Company

2009 Tom Ah Chee

Tom Ah Chee – Foodtown

2009 Michael Hill

Sir Richard Michael HillMichael Hill Jeweller

2009 Stephen Tindall

Sir Stephen TindallThe Warehouse Group

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