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Retail NZ welcomes further government support to combat retail crime

26 May 2022

Retail NZ welcomes today’s announcement of a Government funding package to support retailers in response to retail crime.

“Today’s annoucement of $6 million dollars to help retailers respond to crime is significant for the sector. The ability for the most at-risk retailers to access crime prevention tools will support the sector on the issue of retail crime” says Retail NZ Chief Executive Greg Harford.

“Retailers across the country are experiencing retail crime on a daily basis, whether this is violence, aggression, theft, ram raids or anti-social behaviour. Accessing this fund to gain suppport from the NZ Police is another step forward in delivering and responding to a signficant issues for the retail sector.

“Retail crime is a serious issue and there is no single solution. We are dealing with a significant societal issue that requires multiple initiatives and approaches. As a country we need to look at how we can stop crime in its tracks.  This includes combating low level theft, the unfortunate accepted level of abuse and violence Kiwis throw at retailers to the more ‘news grabbing’ incidents of ram raids. The employees, managers and owners of retail stores are all victims, and there should  zero tolerance to retail crime from everyone in the community and support to combat it.

“It is never okay to steal, threaten or assault anyone in the retail sector.  Ultimately, all New Zealanders need to be on the same page, and understand that we need to respect individuals, as well as private property.  This requires a significant programme across the education, justice, Police and welfare sectors.

“The cost of retail crime is having a significant impact on retailers across the country and is putting significant mental health and financial strain on the sector.

“Retail NZ works hard to raise capability to prepare and support retailers on the combating retail crime. That’s why we have a number of support programmes available, training, and joint work with Government, communities and interest groups to address this issue. Retail NZ has comprehensive support available for the retail sector at”

For further information, please contact:
Greg Harford
Retail NZ Chief Executive 
027 243 2842
[email protected]

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