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Further Faster: Christchurch retail founders’ passion for adventure

by Tammy Kuo.

If you’re looking for a place where people have passion for adventure and the great outdoors, then Further Faster is your place! Julz, Rocky and Dan are a spirited trio, taking their Christchurch community further, faster.

Winners of Wilderness magazine’s 2019 Independent Retailer of the Year Award, Further Faster has come a long way in a short time. Back in 2014, they were selling kayaks and backpacks from their home garage.

The Christchurch retail business owners of Further Faster, having done a Coast to Coast competition.

Julz loves doing everything under the sun, from surfing, to hiking, to dancing, to adventure racing. She says “It’s been great starting Further Faster, and it’s been hard work. You might walk into the Further Faster store, and think that we’ve been this size from the beginning. But we started at home. And every day we chip in a bit more work, and every day the business grows a little. It was nice when we moved into our Sydenham store, and I got the dining room table space back!”

We are proud to be supporting Further Faster as a Retail NZ member.

A photo showing a retail business owner woman and her dog in Christchurch, enjoying the outdoors

Now Further Faster is a local space for planning adventures. Buzzing with the chatter of customers and welcoming couches, it’s not just a shop, but a place to hang out and discuss your next great experience. And all their staff are awesome athletes! 

“We have people flying in from Auckland, coming to town for work, or to explore the South Island. Sometimes they ask to meet Badger”. You may have seen Badger in the news – Further Faster’s resident dog and fellow adventurer.

As a solid part of the community, the team is involved in lots of events. Such as avalanche awareness nights, where proceeds go to Adaptive Snowsports Canterbury, a group that helps people with disabilities experience the joy of skiing and being in the mountains. They also sponsor trail races, and collaborate with local charities. We love seeing how Julz and the team makes a tangible impact for the better. 

As a Retail NZ member, Further Faster is kept in the loop.

We really appreciated when Julz expressed how Retail NZ makes a positive impact on their retail business.

“Retail NZ keeps us in the loop. Like when you made a fair playing field for Kiwi retailers, by getting the government to tax foreign retailers GST”

– Julz Christy, Further Faster

“We’re really busy in our business, and not always on top of everything that’s going on. It makes a real difference when Retail NZ is speaking up for us in the policy and legislation space”

– Julz Christy

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Further Faster’s team truly dive in and make the most of being alive. Here are some hot tips for you, from the outdoor gear experts:

Person kayaking in New Zealand.

Must-do Spring activity? 

Tramping! And if you want Spring gear ready to go by September, be sure to get your order in now! With the current supply chain delays, it’s important to be one step ahead. 

Must-have dog product?

Make sure your dog has a well-fitting harness. They can get repetitive motion injuries with the wrong gear, so it’s important that the harness sits right on their body.

Thanks Julz, Rocky, Dan and Badger! We’re proud to have you as a Retail NZ member.

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