Retail: Unplugged Podcast (Episode 5)


3 August 2023.

The independent bookshop that could: the journey of Schrödinger’s Books.

Our next guest on Retail: Unplugged has a deep love for books, and you’ll be surprised to know where the idea of starting a business popped up for her!

Mary Fawcett, owner of Schrödinger’s Books joins us in this episode taking us through the journey of starting an independent bookshop. Hosted by Aimie Hines, Manager Public Affairs and Advice, Retail NZ, this is an inspiring retailer story you don’t want to miss.

Did you want to know the reason behind the enduring love customers have for books and what keeps Schrödinger’s Books going during challenging times and beyond? Then listen to the episode now!

The conversation explores:

  • aspirations and inspirations as a business owner
  • finding the right support when you start a business
  • importance of personalised customer journey for best optimisation
  • flowing with the customer’s enthusiasm and keeping it natural; and more.

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