Retail: Unplugged Podcast (Episode 8)


24 August 2023.

Ban oh ban! Plastics ban FAQ’s.

Do you know that on 1 July 2023, the Government banned some single-use plastic products?

Join Daisy Croft, Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry for the Environment and Aimie Hines, Manager Public Affairs and Advice, Retail NZ, as they address some common questions to help you understand more about the bans.

They discuss some key points to ensure you are being compliant with the bans.

The conversation explores:

  • overview of what’s included in this tranche of the bans
  • how a business can tell if an item is made from plastic
  • dealing with extra stock which is now banned
  • forecast of Tranche 3, the next phase-out
  • resources available and more.

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