Business support for Covid-19

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Here are some key details about Government support for businesses affected by COVID-19. If you need help accessing these benefits, or have questions about what to do, give us a call and ask us fir...

Trying on clothing and footwear at Level 2

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Managing Health and Safety of your employees and customers at Alert Level 2 is crucial, so how do retailers protect their customers when it comes to trying on clothing and footwear?

Employees taking excessive sick leave

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Recently we have found more members are having troubles with employees being on what could be seen as excessive or mis-used sick leave and seeking help on how to regain control of this situation.

Public Holidays - Otherwise Working Day

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To work out an employee's entitlements to holidays and leave, you need to know whether the day is "an otherwise working day" for the employee. That is, is it a day that the employee would normally ...

COVID-19 Alert Level 2

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Businesses who can operate safely under strict public health guidelines will be able to open to the public. This includes things like physical distancing, hand hygiene, and sanitisation of frequent...

COVID-19 Equipment, Services & Support

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To assist with trading at Alert Level 2 there’s a range of business helping to support retailers to trade safely and effectively. Take a look through our Suppliers Directory to see what's on offer.

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