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Retail NZ welcomes return of cruise ships

12 August 2022

Retail NZ has welcomed the return of cruise ships to New Zealand for the first time since COVID-19.

“Cruise visitors were big spenders in retail prior to COVID-19, and retailers in Auckland will be celebrating the arrival of P&O’s Pacific Explorer this morning,” Retail NZ Chief Executive Greg Harford said today. “The absence of cruise ships has left a big gap in many port towns around the country, and their return is good news for retailers, many of whom are facing difficult economic circumstances. Retail NZ hopes that visitors to Auckland today will make the most of their retailing opportunities at some of the great shops in Auckland’s CBD.

“Cruise ship visitors have long been significant contributors to retail at a number of ports around the country. The arrival of the Pacific Explorer is really exciting news after the long winter of COVID-19.  Retail NZ is keen to see more cruises coming to New Zealand over the summer months, and retailers will be ready to welcome visitors from the ships as they come.”

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