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Retail NZ welcomes practical policies for retail crime

16 August 2022

Retail NZ welcomes two policy initiatives from the ACT Party Law and Order policy document to combat retail crime – infringement notices and three strikes for burglary.

“The announcement today from the ACT Party of two specific policies that will help to combat retail crime is a good thing, we must have the conversation about the multiple tools we need to use to address the growing issue of retail crime, says Retail NZ Chief Executive Greg Harford.

“Retail NZ has long advocated for the use of infringement notices to address low level offending in the retail sector. These notices will enable retailers, police and New Zealand to send a clear message to offenders that we don’t tolerate any retail crime, and that interventions will take place at all levels”

“The three strikes for burglary policy is another valid tool required to support the sector. Smash and grabs, ram raids and general burglary are significant issues impacting at times multiple locations and undertaken by the same offenders. We must send the message that burglary will not be tolerated and is a serious crime that is not some TikTok trend that should be enabled. The cost is both physical in time, money, stock and store but more importantly the mental health and wellbeing of the small business owners in retail is being impacted. We must support them”

“Retail crime is a serious issue, reaching across a broad range of offences, impacting all retailers and there is no single silver bullet solution. We are dealing with a significant societal issue that requires multiple initiatives and approaches. Retailers across the country are valued members of communities, we know that Kiwis support multiple steps to address this escalating issue. We support the call to look at all tools available and make these policies cross-party, so the sector can have them implemented quickly”

Retail NZ works hard to raise capability to prepare and support retailers to combat retail crime. That’s why we have a number of support programmes available, training, and joint work with Government, Members of Parliament, all political parties, communities and interest groups to address this issue. Retail NZ has comprehensive support available for the retail sector at

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