Guide: Sustainability & Social Responsibility


Running a retail business is challenging work. It becomes even more so when you begin to account for meaningful social responsibility and incorporate sustainability initiatives into your daily operation and long term plans.

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“Sustainability” has become a big buzz word in retailing in recent years and can mean a number of different things. While critical to the long term survival of our planet, sustainability should not only be viewed as correlating to the environment. There are various additional elements which define a business as “sustainable”.

Being a sustainable business includes limiting negative environmental and human impacts, while simultaneously having a positive effect. The manner in which this is achieved will be different from retailer to retailer, depending on how you operate or what you sell. This guide is designed to give you simple steps to reduce carbon emissions and provide guidance on reducing your business’s environmental impacts. It will also dive deeper into social responsibility and how a business can be sustainable in the long term.

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