FREE Webinar: Operational Recovery for Retailers


July 2020.

Rebuilding your business – how to successfully get back up and running.

At Retail NZ we know just how hard our members are working to recover from the financial setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re on a drive to help retailers take an objective look at their businesses and to focus on areas to streamline operations and make savings without compromising the skills and capacity of their staff or their product offering.

This webinar will start you on an evaluation journey to help you make some forward-thinking changes that will not only fast track recovery in the short term, but also safeguard your operation for the future. Natalie Frauenstein, Retail Operations Specialist will be walking you through:

  • staffing and rostering
  • product considerations
  • supplier relationships
  • selling platforms
  • and ways to increase consumer basket size.

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