Retail: Unplugged Podcast (Episode 18)


9 November 2023.

Ecomm for the busy season.

Our next speaker is a best-selling author, with his book “Shopify for Dummies” reaching the number 1 position in Amazon’s retail category in 2022.

Paul Waddy, founder of Paul Waddy Advisory, co-founder of Ecom nation, and a best-selling author, and Carolyn Young, CE, Retail NZ, talk about ecomm for busy season.

While it is a challenging time for retail, this episode sheds light on some great opportunities in the ecommerce space.

Paul shares advice on:

  • focusing on profit over sales and why
  • the importance of starting early promotions
  • being organised to prepare content
  • utilising a piece of content multiple times, and more.

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