Fog device subsidy scheme

Funding criteria for fog device subsidy scheme announced  

On Thursday 15 December, the Government released the criteria for the recently announced fog device subsidy scheme for small businesses. Given it is a busy time of the year and many retailers have an interest in accessing this subsidy we wanted to ensure you know the criteria and how to apply.

How much funding is available? 
A funding subsidy of $4,000 will be available to have a fog device installed through an approved supplier. If the installation required for your store costs more than the funding subsidy you will be required to meet the difference in amount.

What are the application criteria? 
Not all retailers will be eligible for the subsidy. It is targeted at small retail businesses. To be able to access the support, you will need to meet all the following criteria:

  • Have road frontage
  • Have five or less total staff
  • No more than two retail premises.

How do I apply? 
Expressions of interest in this subsidy will open on Friday 16 December and will remain open into next year. You can apply through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment here, from Friday.

If you have any further questions, please let us know. Fog cannon

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