Mondayised Public Holidays

How do Mondayised public holidays in NZ work?

Mondayised public holidays, meaning where the calendar date of the public holiday falls on the weekend, is when the holiday is transferred to the nearest Monday, to make it a long weekend. This can be tricky to figure out for your payroll. The first thing to keep in mind is that the following Monday (and Tuesday on some occasions) becomes the observed holiday. It’s a good idea to be thinking about your roster in advance of the upcoming public holidays.

It can be difficult to identify which date your employee should receive their public holiday entitlement. To work this out, you look at whether the Saturday is a normal working day for them. If it is, they receive their entitlement on the Saturday. But if Monday is also a normal working day for them, they do not receive any further public holiday entitlement for this day. If your employee does not work a Saturday, but Monday is a normal working day for them, they receive their public holiday entitlement on the Monday.

Essentially, an employee cannot receive public holiday entitlements for both the calendar date and the observed date.

How do I pay my employee for 2021’s Mondayised ANZAC Day weekend?
You have an employee whose normal working days are Sunday and Monday. They work ANZAC Day, Sunday 25th April, and receive time and a half for the hours worked, plus a day in lieu. When they work the Monday (ANZAC Day Mondayised) they are paid their normal rate for the hours worked. They don’t receive public holiday entitlements for Monday 26th April, because they have already received this for the Sunday.

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