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10-day sick leave plan will disadvantage part-time workers

12 November 2020.

Retail NZ says that the Government’s announcement that it is proceeding with a blanket increase to 10 days paid sick leave is bad news for those who work part time.

“All businesses want their employees come to work well and healthy, but doubling the amount of sick for both full and part-time workers will ultimately disadvantage those who want to work part time,” Greg Harford, Retail NZ’s Chief Executive said today.  “Many people who work in retail work part-time.  In some retail businesses, one in five employees work only one day a week, often because they are working around study or family commitments.  It doesn’t make sense to give all employees the same entitlement – and sick leave entitlements should be pro-rated for part-time workers in the same way that annual leave is.

“For employees who work one day a week, a 10 day sick leave entitlement is equivalent to 20 per cent of a working year.  This is a significant cost to employers and ultimately will discourage businesses from offering part-time work to those who want it.

“Retail NZ is urging Government to pro-rate the 10 day entitlement, in line with the rules in Australia.  Retail NZ will be making a submission on the Bill that the Government is to introduce to the House.”

For further information, please contact:
Greg Harford
Chief Executive, Retail NZ
[email protected]
027 243 2842

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