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Practical steps to combat retail crime welcomed

17 July 2023

Retail NZ welcomes the actions by the Government to take practical steps to combat retail crime. 

“Today’s announcement to take some practical steps in response to retail crime is encouraging, we agree with the government that any retail crime is unacceptable” says Retail NZ Manager Public Affairs and Advice Aimie Hines.

“Sending clear messages that retail crime is unacceptable and has consequences is a good thing. Actions like taking away the notoriety of filming retail crime and instead making this an aggravating factor in sentencing is a good step forward.”

“Having multiple tools available for Police, and the boosting of prosecution services will help retailers feel supported in the current endemic environment of retail crime. We have consistently advocated for multiple tools and areas of support for retailers to combat the unacceptable levels of retail crime.”

“We look forward to an ongoing review approach to ensure all tools are being used to mitigate retail crime.”

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