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Upskill People

Upskill People are the innovators in the global online learning market. 

With an unshakeable belief in people’s potential, they help millions of retail people shine every year, and retailers perform better.

Our course content is the ‘best in class’. It’s remarkable because it delivers measurable outcomes. We’re not constrained by conventional academic theories, so our solutions are as practical and relevant as they are inspired.

People are the most important growth driver, which is why we’ve developed exciting series like Managing People, Sales & Service Essentials and Safety, Health & Wellbeing. They promote a positive culture, reduce risk and deliver results.

Why choose Upskill People?

  • Courses that work – results driven online courses, designed specifically for the retail industry.
  • A platform for all your learning – manage, deliver, assess and record everything, e-learning and face-to-face. Host all your current content and courses, even build your own.
  • We’ve got a track record – Over 20 years’ experience in retail. We’ve helped retailers of all sizes across the globe improve their performance.
  • Reduce travel and upskilling costs – add our e-learning to your blend to save time and money.
  • A remarkable approach to developing managers – our Managing People series is proven to improve the competencies of your key people, your managers, because better managers = better business.

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