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RISQ New Zealand helps businesses protect their people, assets and information as well as their reputation. RISQ have teamed up with Retail NZ to provide a...

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Where can a New Zealand business source internationally sought-after retail training? Enter the fascinating world of Retail DNA – an up-close online training...

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Byte Media

New Zealand’s website design and development gurus. We help business growth online with dynamic design and functionality for your most important online tool...

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Our partners provide a wide range of services to support you and help you reduce your costs. Find out what our friends can do for your business!

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Upskill People

Upskill People are the innovators in the global online learning market.  With an unshakeable belief in people’s potential, they help millions of...

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Is your store ready for a digital transformation? Sharp New Zealand’s award-winning products and services help bring digital transformation to all Kiwi...

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Music in your business. Get the permission you need to play music in your store is quick and easy with OneMusic. With our music licence you are supporting the...

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Workplace Support

You and your people are a vital and significant part of your business. Life is difficult as we emerge from COVID-19. If you or your people need wellbeing or...

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Perfect payroll for your business. iPayroll is a proven cloud-based payroll solution developed in New Zealand, for New Zealand businesses of all sizes. They...

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New Zealand Couriers

New Zealand Couriers will provide Retail NZ members with exclusive discounted offers and savings to suit your various delivery needs.

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