Retail: Unplugged Podcast (Episode 3)


13 July 2023.

When the going gets tough, let’s find opportunities!

Retailers have plenty of opportunities to utilise marketing strategies. In our latest episode we have Matt Moore, Director of Harper Digital and Retail NZ’s Aimie Hines, Manager Public Affairs and Advice. They talk through business growth and share examples of some world class marketing techniques used by retailers in NZ.

Plus, who is the New Zealand business that is providing a great retail experience? Many of you won’t think of them as a retailer!

Ever thought about a marketing collaboration with another business? Have you had a great online shopping experience yourself and wondered how you could connect that way with your audience? Then this episode is for you!

Listen as Matt and Aimie discuss how you can:

  • find opportunities to market your business
  • make your value preposition bulletproof
  • attract collaborations that grow your business, and much more.

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