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Employment law

The Government has proposed several changes to employment law.

The Government has proposed several changes to employment law, including an increase in sick leave entitlements; a new Public Holiday; a further Minimum Wage increase and a move to 1970s-style “Fair Pay” collective bargaining.  These moves may be well-intentioned, but will have significant costs for employers and unforeseen consequences for employees. 

Retail is not a highly profitable business: the average net margin in retail is just 3.6 per cent, and many business owners struggle to pay themselves the equivalent of the Minimum Wage. 

Retail NZ thinks all employers should treat their employees fairly, but we are lobbying the Government and asking Ministers to reconsider aspects of the proposals.  We want to see business rules that encourage firms to hire staff; continue to offer a diversity of roles; and that don’t drive businesses to the wall. 

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