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Abandonment of Employment 

What happens when an employee does not turn up to work for a longer period of time? Read our advice on what you need to do, including letter templates.


Lone Workers

Do you have employees who work alone in your store? Find out what you're required to do and how to minimise any risk for your lone worker.


Managing 90-day Trials

A 90-day trial can be a great tool to ensure a new employee has the right skills and attitude and is going to be a good fit for your business.


Current Minimum Wage Rates NZ

Here's what you need to know about the current Minimum Wage rates in New Zealand, what it means for your employees, and your retail business.


Annual Leave

What are my employees’ annual holiday entitlements? Annually, your employees are entitled to four weeks’ minimum paid holidays. They become...


Record Keeping Obligations

If you employ staff, it’s important you are aware of the specific requirements to keep accurate records of wage, time, holidays and leave records under the...


Hiring School Age Employees

With summer holidays not too far away, you may be hiring school age employees to work for you. Be sure you adhere to the special restrictions for school age...

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