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How-To Retail: Episode 6 – BodyFX

9 September 2021

Episode 6:

Getting ahead of the curve

A couple of decades ago, 19 year old Yolanda Bartram arrived in New Zealand from the Netherlands. She and her sister Myrthe revolutionised the local body painting scene, with their family business run from Morningside, Auckland.

In this 18 minute episode, Yolanda talks about:

  • The importance of being on the cutting edge of tech trends.
  • How to target different markets with email marketing.
  • The freedom to turn work around quickly by producing body paint products in-house.
  • BODYFX’s point of difference – it’s made by artists for artists.
  • How to harness the power of social media marketing.

“Looking back there’s always so many things you’re like “Why didn’t we do that then? Why didn’t we jump in faster or sooner?”

I think if we had tackled into our ecommerce earlier on, instead of thinking “that’s kind of fun”, really jumped into it straightaway, we could have been a lot bigger already.

Social media platforms are actually not “just for the kids”, it will trickle down to everybody.

Yolanda Bartram, BODYFX

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