Louise Tanguay speaking to our interviewer Ryan Edwards, in her warehouse for her business The Sleep Store.
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How-To Retail: Episode 9 – The Sleep Store

21 October 2021

Episode 9:
The Sleep Store

Auckland entrepreneur with strong empathy for her customers of new parents

Louise Tanguay and her partner Matt started The Sleep Store back in 2006, when she was her own target market. Her customers are new parents looking to settle their newborns and kids into a solid night’s sleep, and The Sleep Store helps them achieve this goal.

Louise has achieved new heights through:

  • Building a strong community of new parents on social media, where they can support each other.
  • Bringing together a committed and passionate team of employees who live the values.
  • Embracing the digital tools available today.
  • Preparing her business for scaling up and into international markets.

You got to think of your niche. There’s so many online stores now, you need to know what your bit is. Do it like a proper business. Spend the money on the technology. Work with people who know what they’re doing. You don’t have to spend a fortune, a small Shopify website is pretty cheap. Choose a proper partner. Set yourself up with the technology, so as you grow, you can scale that up. It’s much harder to change later.

Louise Tanguay, The Sleep Store

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