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How-To Retail: Episode 3 – HAPA

15 July 2021

Episode 3:

Christchurch retailer went from fight or flight post-earthquake, to the flourishing HAPA we see today.

Maureen Taane has created beautiful spaces in Christchurch, but it’s been an uphill journey. She powers up to meet challenges, and she leads with kindness and strength. Her HAPA story is an absolute inspiration!

In this 16 minute episode, Maureen discusses:

  • Handmade local goods and the meaning of HAPA.
  • What it takes to be a mobile and dynamic business.
  • The value of building trust with customers.
  • Practical tools that helped her through challenging times.
  • The benefits of expanding into two locations.

“In the Māori world, when we talk about ‘we’, we really talk about everybody in my whānau. We’re a whānau business. My sister, my brother, my parents and my daughter – we’re all involved in some aspect of the business

Maureen Taane, HAPA

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